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If you are looking for empowering conversation this is your podcast. I literally listen while I workout, and that says a lot because I love music. The free game that’s distributed weekly by these wise men is mind boggling, and truly a blessing from God.

5 Pillars to Success

Listen to this if you need motivation to step into a better version of yourself. These men know what they are doing and are amazing to listen to. I promise, you will not regret it.

Forget the Hatertots

Finally writing a review for a podcast that has helped strengthen my thinking, believing, life overall. I just want to put here my own fair or foul for each podcast member. CJ - Fair: C you are absolutely right about wings and chocolate cake! Wings are are only wings if they have a crispy exterior! If the exterior is soft it’s not a chicken wing it’s a pot pie with a BONE in it!!! Chocolate cake MUST be chocolate CAKE! Chocolate frosting doesn’t make it a chocolate cake. CJ - Foul: I cannot rock with you with the butter in the counter. You keep the butter in the fridge and when you want grill cheese you put the butter on the flat pan and heat it up so when you put the bread on it, it COOKS into the crust. Who eats toast anymore? C’MON man! ET: - Fair: in episode 99 “Old Wives Tale” your wife DeDe said she’d pay $1,000 for someone who can recall when you dissed Jada on the show, I think I got one. I have to go back and get the episode title but in one episode you told a story of how Jada bounced from a car accident and the cops had to come to your house because Jada just rolled away like it wasn’t a big deal! I laughed my ace off at that part. I think your wife may owe me a stack since it wasn’t no expiration on it. $YPTMking is the cash app lol ET - Foul: You could have let that woman have that basketball in the airport! Oh and it’s also foul that you always “forget” your wallet when going out with your team considering you got the fattest wallet besides Maal! Karl - Fair: Carl I don’t think you speak enough for me to reply here lol Karl - Foul: you know what’s foul? THAT YOU DONT SPEAK my guy! You need to chime in more and I don’t know where your hiding Your wife but let her come on the show next time the wives are on there! Dr. King - Fair: I think you leaving your checks in the payroll box was fair. Why you got to pick up your checks just so all the other cops don’t feel bad for living check to check!? Bump that! Tell them jokers to follow your lead! Dr. King - Foul: You really need to stop wearing your son’s shirts! Lol


This podcast and the crew have helped me more than I’ll ever know. I thank them.


One of the best podcast out there. I would recommend this to people who are trying to find who they are or what they want to be. Also if you just want motivation.


This podcast has changed my life. I have changed the way I think. My mindset is very different listening to these four great men. I salute all of you guys and keep letting god use you’ll. I’m thankful for this podcast god bless.

Continues to change my life.

I just wanted to say thank you. I discovered this crew back in September of 2021 and started the podcast around episode 273 and watched all the way to 300. Then I decided to start from the beginning and have been watching and listening everyday on my way to work and from home. They continue to change the way I look at life and have a huge role in my everyday growth. As a 23 year old I know I don’t have it all figured out but I know I’m headed in the right direction. I have been inspired by all 4 of them. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. If you are not listening to this podcast I don’t know what you are doing. TUNE IN ASAP. God bless.

This Podcast is 🔥🔥🔥

You will not be disappointed if you try it out. I so grateful to have found this podcast. This podcast has been s blessing to me. My mindset had changed into a positive direction. These men are truly awesome. They are giving such great content for FREE.


I appreciate y’all for all motivation I’ve been listening for awhile now keep it coming 💯

Life Changer

This podcast will change your life. Period. I’ve listened to every single show and I’m in the process of listening to all of them for a second time. God has blessed these individuals with so much knowledge and wisdom. I am so thankful that they have been obedient to the calling and purpose on their lives. ET, Karl, CJ, Josh and now Jamal are executing at the highest level humanly possible and their not slowing down anytime soon. They have helped me become a better husband, father, brother, son, friend and all the above. Do yourself a favor. Change your life with one listen.


This podcast is everything.. It's inspirational, funny, motivational, down to earth, man I love it!!! Thank you guys for motivating me every morning. Great podcast. Every human should listen to this! And I miss the negative reviews shake it off keep up the amazing work you guys!

This Podcast is 🔥🔥🔥

You will not be disappointed if you try it out. I so grateful to have found this podcast. This podcast has been s blessing to me. My mindset had changed into a positive direction.

Best Podcast for growth!

This podcast is good for anyone at any stage of your life. Its more than a pep talk…you gain practical tools, insight, and successful principles to live by. Since listening to this podcast, I’ve experienced growth in all areas of my life. It’s impossible to be down or not strive to be your best self after listening to ETA! I’m giving my goals 120%! Going for that triple double lifestyle!

Truly inspiring

Started listening to the podcast about 2 weeks ago starting from the beginning. Im Currently on podcast #13 and I can honestly say that EVERYBODY on the crew is playing a big role in me realizing that I have a greater purpose and are giving me the right information to make a change in my life. Thank y’all so much for this podcast man I love y’all!

Thank you

Love the podcast I wife and I enjoy listening on our commute to and from work it was definitely funny and enriching. I can truly say that since we have started listening to the podcast at all things that are ET inspired our careers have gone to the next level. We are both members of BU and look forward to seeing you guys at the stay ready conference in Philly. Keep up the great work thank you


This is the best #1 podcast for tapping into your potential, making me at age 31 to stop playing myself and blame others because of where I’m at in life and put the Blame on me the RIGHT and ONLY person Responsible‼️


This is the best #1 podcast for any age group I’ve been following you guys for awhile and I just want to give you’ll your flowers now! Thank you’ll for keeping me motivated and being accountable for my life.

Prophetic podcast

Thank you all for your time and pouring into us … I work for myself cleaning houses… (baseboards)!!! Haha wow. Life changing podcast. Deff going to apply what I learned. See y’all at the top 🙌🏽🙏🏽

Dope podcast and crew

The brotherhood between you all and the content is always fire. Love the focus on family, faith, and extreme execution/ phenomenal work ethic. Even watching the evolution of the pod has been wonderful. Keep it up!

This 🤞🏾

Thanking the universe for this union . The definition of real men at it’s highest existence . Thank you again , please continue to spread perspective through real authentic love . Thank you for the example and knowledge for those who seek food . Thank you .

Eric Thomas

Please tell me that you can help me figure this out. I listened to a speech u gave…the words that rang true was something along the lines of “expecting her to do man stuff and woman stuff…”. Please tell me what episode of what podcast or speech that was. I cannot seem to find it.

Jewels, Gems, and Diamonds

Oh my my my!!!!! Y’all boys dropping enough jewels to fill up a jewelry store


Since I have listened to this podcast my drive and focus has picked up. The gems these guys drop are extremely necessary and relevant! Keep up the great work.

Always on Time

Each week you guys always seem to be right on time with your thoughts, words, and wisdom!! Left side baby!! Keep it coming guys!! My day will come when I meet you all and I can’t wait to shake your hands and thank you all so much for the focus I have developed since I have been locked in with the podcast!! 💯💪🏾💯💪🏾💯💪🏾

Inspirational doesn’t do this podcast Justice

These 4 men are so valuable to the culture. Their words of wisdom and stories are one of a kind. I love that add Jemal to the team because he brings a different dynamic to the crew. Love, love, love this podcast. One of the few podcast I listen but the S2S podcast is my drug of choice. Thank you again guys for your much needed words of wisdom.

Best podcast

This is the best podcast for business and personal development! All 4 guys working together and sharing their perspectives allows the listeners to receive tons of great wisdom and information. These guys are dedicated, hardworking, high character and a great sense of humor. They have helped my mindset and my life even in the short time I’ve listened. CHECK IT OUT! Thanks Guys keep going! You inspire and motivate so many!

The Mexico Experience

Phenomenal podcast, such great gems and inspiration to get the ball rolling. The transparency is a game changer that I know every listener can relate to. I want to build a legacy for my family but find myself getting in my own way. I realize more and more I have to let go and let God create a new creature in me so I can fulfill the prophecy on my life according to his will. Thank you Jesus! Grace and Peace brothers

Good interaction

Great pod cast

Life Changing

Life changing!!!!

Conferences/Events 2022

Are there any known events/conferences happening in 2022 that you guys will be doing? It’s literally one of my goals this year to attend one this year and I’m ready to book my ticket! Lol ps: LOVEEE THE PODCAST!! I listen to probably 3 episodes a day and I’ve gained so much knowledge over the few months from finding you guys! Keep doing Gods work❤️


Soooo real!!!! My son turned me on to Eric. I found the podcast!!!!

Please hear my prayer

My name is Christopher Turner jr. I am 27 years old with no where to go. I’m from Wichita,Ks but I currently live in Williamsburg, Virginia. I am at Rock Bottom. I’m tired of be tired. I need to break my family’s curse. RIGHT NOW! I don’t know who to trust, I can barley trust myself!! But i will keep fighting. Dr. Thomas your voice and words of Power has up lifted me every single time I’ve been down. And I want to apologize for taking so so long to reach out to you. I am blessed by GOD with a overly supportive Family, and CJ, Karl, Jamal and Dr. Thomas you all resemble someone in my family. Y’all basically are Family. Please help me. I am A Turner. That’s my family’s name! I will not fail under the law of GOD with that name.

2 months in my life is completely different.

This podcast is a perfect mix of biblical leadership with life experience. I feel like conversations like these are what Proverbs was like when it was written. I have learned so much in this podcast that in 2 months my income has doubled, my fitness is taking off, my marriage is blossoming, my business goals are being hit because I am growing into the person needed to build the business I’m building. So much so that my wife has been able to pursue her passions without the stress of a job for the last year; i even got her listening to this too. If you’re an entrepreneur, leader, or someone looking for a positive change in your life. This is free and will work if you apply what is taught here. - Elijah Corujo 24yr old business owner & 6 figure soon to be 7 figure earner & real estate investor.

120/5 STARS

Hands down….GREATEST. PODCAST. EVER! I feel like these are my friends, but they cannot hear me. Always feeding knowledge and I always learn from this group of successful men. Hopefully one day I can show my gratitude for all that they helped pour into me. 🙏🏾 I appreciate CJ, Karl, Jemal, E.T., & their whole crew that contribute to this platform. Stay blessed! ✊🏾


Good morning S2S crew. Man I just want to start off by saying ever since I started listening to y’all show it has changed my perspective on a lot things and opened my mind to a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally pay attention to. Along with changing my perspective you have also gave me the courage to take action on pursuing a stand-up comedy career and hearing Jamal talk about getting rid of that 9-5 mindset really helped me get rid of the stage fright so I can leave that 9-5. “Use that job as a vehicle to your dream” I live by that now. Thank you for putting together a great inspiring show and I hope to see y’all flourish in not only this but life in general. Stay up kings can’t wait to see y’all in Chicago for the next conference!!!


ET and the crew have been a blessing to me for year's and I've grown exponentially since first listening to him.

Developed me

I have been blessed by each and every episode that I have listened to. I have been filled with so much wisdom that it is spilling over. Thank you to all the hosts for your golden nuggets and keep the episodes coming.

Love the Pod‼️

Continue to shake off the bad reviews. I enjoy the gems you guys continue to drop! Please continue to be yourselves. I have gained knowledge from every person at through out the time of being a listener. I can’t wait until it’s my time to live on the left side of the menu 📈🙏🏾

And another one!!

Hilarious awesome getting the ladies on here

Lost For Words

I have been watching Et and the guys on YouTube For Years but this Podcasts?! Man I’m listening from the very beginning with the intentions to catch up to what’s currently 309 ! I listen every Morning and these Guys make my Day I be ready to tackle the Day and whatever comes with it. Them Guys From The D Really Have the Secrets To Success 🙏🏽

Everyday all day!!!!

I literally can't not listen.. you guys are my meditation and inspiration! Thank you!


I was introduced to ET by a friend around April of 2020 and had my reservations when he told me go on YouTube and search ET the hip hop preacher... I did, found a TGIM episode that turned into 3 hours of back to back watching. I then was like WHY isn't this man all over my social media timelines??? WHO is he? WHERE is he?? WHAT else is he doing.... I craved MORE!!! I searched and found THE S2S podcast and although they were on episode 200+ I had to start from episode 1. I'm currently in eps.197 and EVERY one of them has lit a fire in me. I had/have so much on my plate and didn't know what to do with my life. These MEN through this podcast have INSPIRED, MOTIVATED, EDUCATED. UPLIFTED, CHALLENGED and BREATHED LIFE back into me. This podcast is a MUST no matter your age, race, education, gender or financial status. If raising, educating or being a better you is important to you then TUNE IN.... Thank me later. My name is Jewell and I 100% approve this podcast.

I do love the knowledge

I listen to every episode love the podcast my only question is, with a doctrine degree and so much success why talk with the vocabulary like your still in the hood why not use better vocabulary?

Family motivation

I’m a new listener AND I’m starting from the beginning. There are so many gems dropped in every episode as a mother of future collegiate athletes. This podcast reinforces the moral and character foundation my husband and I are instilling into our family. Thank you !


As a 24 year old USMC veteran, this podcast has kept me going in life. I’m so eternally grateful for everything that y’all do.

Finally caught up

I have recently been working at a car manufacturer(Tesla) and before that I was working at another blue collar job but always been listening to the podcast from day1. Since the pandemic I had fell out of my routine with listening to the podcast for the last two years . So since I’ve been recently hired again and working for the past 4months and during these 12hrs shifts I’ve been listening while working to the podcast with taking all the golden nuggets and principle’s with also purchasing and listening to 9 to 5 millionaire book twice and sign up for jemal summit (free) . my wife and I are stacking at this point and ready for the make real estate real course. If I fail it wouldn’t really matter because I’ll be right back at the same blue collar line with my lunch bucket again. So we Can’t wait to get started. thank you for what you guys do to help me realize what I need to be doing and that’s become financially free Spiritually led And principle bound.

Best podcast!

This is my FAVORITE podcast, sometimes I go back to an old episode to hold me over until a new one comes out. Very motivational, inspirational, and educational!

Masters of building a better Mindset

There is no comparison! The inspiration, clarity, direction, and motivation I receive from this podcast is truly unmatched! Episode 290 especially when E started talking about putting the work in to fulfill your gifts from God, sheesh!

The One Stop Podcast

I’ve been following Eric Thomas since 2013, and he has changed my life. This podcast is good for every area of your life, spiritual, financial, fitness, family. You will get it all here. Thank you CJ, Karl. Jemal and ET. You are changing history. Lisa Rodriguez

Where Are You?

I loved this episode. Such great words and all I can do is pray my son’s father hears this.

In my ear every morning at work!!!

I just want to thank you guys for this podcast! You guys are truly helping me through this new chapter of my life! I am a 33 year old divorced woman who is starting a new business. I am excited for this new beginning. Thank you 🙏🏽

Family motivation

I’m a new listener AND I’m starting from the beginning. There are so many gems dropped in every episode as a mother of future collegiate athletes. This podcast reinforces the moral and character foundation my husband and I are instilling into of family. Thank you !


Keep the 💎s coming my brothers!! Your work has and will continue to touch many worldwide!!💪🏾💯💪🏾💯

Need a push!

One of my top three podcasts for the past 4 years! It’s like talking to your successful uncle about working your process and not giving up on you. Mixed with informal chat and life info!

Paradigm Shift

This podcast has helped me get my life on track. I love the positive message. I am grateful as this has been and still is what I need to be better equipped to help my family

Blow it up!

I genuinely felt like all four were speaking directly to me. Incredible this is free.


They always bring the heat with authenticity, realness and encouragement! I literally listen to this weekly to get through grad school! The advice they give is timeless and it really does serve anyone who listens! BEST PODCAST IN THE COUNTRY…NO BUMP THAT, THE WORLD! This ho FYE FYE!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


I love the show, ET’s energy always has me going. The only thing I don’t like is that you guys got rid of ET’s nugget of the day???? Please bring that back I really loved that!!! Other than that keep inspiring and motivating the world!

I love you guys

I’ve listened to every podcast but I started back at one while staying current with the new ones. It’s really cool to hear em again and to see the progression from week to week. And the information from 2016 is just as relevant today as it was then SUPER DOPE. Love you guys keep up the Great work

The Blackout Episode shifted something in me

I’m not the same person I was prior to listening. I literally felt something rush through my body into my spirit. I will use my gift, and it will make room for me. I thank God for you all. Thank you walking in your purpose. I’m so excited! Thank you.


BLOW IT UP!! Amazing show beyond fire. Literally I doubled back and listen to this twice. Back to back!! You guys don’t have a clue how much you help people. Thank you, Thank you! CJ Spittin fire, E Ain’t playing no games, Jemal knocking you out with vision jewels and Karl, Dope with bringing it hone making it plaine. Hands down you guys came with it. Blessing, now it’s clear why you guys are blessed beyond measure.

Can’t believe this podcast is still free!

I have been a listener since Day 1, and I’ve left a review before, but after listening to Episode 300 at the 120 Conference, I had to place another one and make sure I publicly documented how much this show has impacted my life and journey as a believer, as a young woman who is striving for greatness, and as an overall human being. Revelation is the missing key to so many people’s next level, and this episode gave revelation after revelation for me. The first half was the podcast, but the second half was church! Dr. Eric’s piece about Tiphani M. and Blake really brought on the tears and confirmed so many things that I’ve been asking God for confirmation about. I will always continue to support you guys, and I will always look forward to this podcast each week. But I DEFINITELY have to put more skin in the game after this episode! Lord willing, I’m getting my butt in a seat next year! P.S. to CJ: Before you clown me for it taking me 300 episodes to finally get serious about going to a conference, just know that I was a broke, busted and disgusted 19 year old when this podcast started 😂 Over these 6 years, I’ve been building my character, learning my purpose, and growing my funds! Love you all!

Love It!!

I love this podcast so much that I’m trying to listen to atleast 3 episodes a day to catch up lol. I am on episode 75, and up to date on current episodes since about 296.

Started from the Bottom

My Secret to Success podcast list was arranged from newest to oldest. (The newest being at the top and the oldest at the bottom)After about 18 episodes I decided to start from the beginning for 3 reasons: I wanted to follow the chronology and avoid spoilers. I wanted it to automatically go to the next episode after the last one ended. And, I wanted to hear the difference, the progression, the evolution of the podcast. I wasn’t super-excited because it’s like starting a tv series from the beginning that has 25 seasons. Ain’t nobody really tryna watch anything in standard definition. But, I was surprised. The show was polished and straight butter from episode 1. The sound quality and format has improved over time but they started this podcast ALREADY READY!! This podcast is a wealth of knowledge, information, wisdom, motivation, inspiration and straight up entertainment . Writing a review was the least I could do. I will be CashApp’n something to one of their causes. Check it out if you haven’t yet. You’ll be glad you did and better for it.

Everything you need!

This podcast will help you become more introspective on your journey through life. I recommend doing their flight assessment as well to get even more details into your strengths! Thank You ET, Karl, CJ and Mal!!

This podcast is trash

Hey guys!! Ok I lied I just said the podcast was trash cause I know CJ only likes to read the negative comments lol. My name is Shakeria (like the singer) and I absolutely love this show. You guys have helped me change my life, my mindset, my thinking etc. You’ve helped me become more focused on myself, helped me believe in myself more and to trust god more! I really appreciate the time you guys take every week to help heal myself and others like me, from the jokes to the facts I’m here for it! I started listening a few years ago when a friend sent me a video. She would send them all the time and I would never listen, finally one day I listened and it blew my mind. I have been hooked every since. It was like every time I had a conversation with my friend you guys would always say something in an episode that we had just said so I knew this podcast was meant for us …. Was meant for me. I’ve experienced some very bad hardships like growing up without my mom because she was and still is battling drug addiction, my dad committed suicide while incarcerated when I was 16 so I had to celebrate my 17th birthday at his funeral. What a way to start my senior year of high school. I was so young so lost and so confused. My mother had to call me from her case managers office at md correctional institute for women because my mom was incarcerated also. Thats not even half of it but I won’t bore you. I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the encouragement, the motivation, the discipline. It means so much to me and I’m stronger, smarter, and wiser because of it! Oh and chocolate cake is yellow cake chocolate icing .. Love you guys can’t wait to listen every week!

Best Podcast Ever!

I enjoy listening to the podcast. I receive a positive message with each episode to push me into greatness! Much appreciated gentlemen!

Episode 199

10,000 hrs to learn your craft. Love Jemal cause he put in 10000 hrs just listening. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Fair or foul

Fair or foul My girl mad at me because I didn’t wake her up when my alarm went off and now she late for work.

Showing appreciation

First and foremost thank you Creators in the name of the Son! Thank you CJ, ET, Karl & Jemal for allowing us to receive the energy from 120 conference on episode “300” ! If you not on this podcast, I don’t know but you missing a lot. I pick a lot of flaws of myself: self development, I can’t stop thanking you all enough.

Yal the best ‼️

Yal den did under a hour Yal getting bougie . What happen to ask et 🤔

Man this Podcast is Lit!

Idc I’ll put my number on here take it down if you wish but you gon want to call me I have someProphetic amazingness that will add unbelievable amount of souls to the kingdom and I thank you for being the inspiration of it please help me develop and distribute this content 5127890237 I Wanna check out Breathe University.....! Gazelle mode ain jus sittin at tha house on tha couch with a bag of potato chips! That is literally not all that and a bag of potato chips, if it was all that wouldn need a bag of potato chips!


Every show is leading me to my GIFT.

Absolutely amazing podcast !!!

Lots of great information from these successful guys. Lots of laughter and funny moments as well. I look forward to new episodes every week. Great job guys!! Keep up the great work!

Secret To Success

Love It Here. I recently started back at episode 1 and working my way up. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED lots of great value ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love it!

Im soo glad i found his podcasts. These people speak on things either you thought about and questioned or things you never thought to even think about.

Nothing but gems 💎

I can, I will l, I must.


This Podcast will change your life. It sets the tone for my work day every day. If you listen to this podcast and aren’t motivated something is wrong with you.

You changed my life!!!

This podcast took a kid from the projects in the Bronx. To the Ellen Degeneres show! So thankful for your insights and information which allows me to challenge myself and grow as a man with faithful principles! Thank you man. Ant Diggity!

Hard to come by a great group of friends fully in their element helping people get to the same level

I feel I’ve made friends in this podcast. For real I’ve been following you for like 8 years now and I’ve shared a significant amount of my growth with you. I usually tune in on my commutes and y’all so infectious with that energy - you make me feel like I’m in the room with you. Also half the time I’m laughing like a fool cause CJ be saying things. He adds such a comedic element to the podcast. Sending love all the way from Ethiopia.


Like going to church, but with your uncles who be kinda cuttin up! Love this thank you please keep doing what you doing #BEGREAT

Looking to elevate in different areas of life

The transparency of the Phenominal-4 is impressive. Through this transparency and down-to-earth approach, you are destined to upgrade in several areas of your life. Do me a favor listen, take notes but most importantly TAKE ACTION!! CJ, ET, Karl & Jemal thank you for continuing to add value without reservation.

Artificial Confidence

This episode was an absolute game changer for me! Thank y’all for staying authentic and relatable every episode! Keep applying necessary pressure!


Ive been rocking with ETA since 2010… they helped me get through college and help me change my once poverty mindset. I am excited to be going to the 120 conference in my hometown of Atlanta. One request… please breakdown the four levels you talk about on the Pinky’s Promise episode. I will continue to keep you all in prayer. God bless

One of my favs!! 🙌

I love ALL of the men on this podcast! They each make it interesting in their own ways & all have perspectives you can learn from. They are hilarious & get me through the day.


I love the show. It speaks to me and it’s daily inspiration.

Episode 290

Y’all don’t understand how encouraging and how much confirmation I was given through this episode. I’ve been camping waiting for God to bring his promise to me so I can put my trust in him but he’s parted the sea and is telling me to go and get it!! 🙏🏾✨

Episode 290

Thank you fellas!! Enjoy the podcast as usual!! ET was in the Zone!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Thanks for the great podcast

Great podcast that’s transparent with any community changed my whole life I listen everyday sometimes replay episodes over and over , this podcast has took me to the next level into a minimum wage job to having a top dollar job within 5 years of a vision of dreaming through this podcast thank you guys from the bottom of my heart love y’all

I’m a better person

My name is Bethany. I’m a health professional, business owner and single momma working on a better life for myself and two daughters out here in Oklahoma. This podcast brings me a wealth of knowledge. I love the energy, the information, the positivity and even the occasional tension… BTW- chocolate cake has chocolate for the base and the icing. Personally, I want to thank you all for being upstanding men, for honoring God, your wives and families. Thank you for being an example to point to for excellence and standards that men should not only strive for but also be accountable to. I look forward to each and every episode. If I’m having a rough week or struggling with lack of motivation, I put on one of your episodes. I have the quote “NOBODY CARES” etched into my memory… coming from anyone else, that may have hit a little different, but coming from him, it flipped a motivational light switch on in me. Jamal, I’ve taken and am actively pursuing MRES! Wow. You have a gift of teaching and information like I’ve never heard before. God has placed each of you specifically in my path at a time I’m Growing exponentially. Thank you for the content. Thank you for honoring your giftings. I cannot wait to see all’y’all for my birthday on Sept 25 for 120 conference. Blessings, B

Always Fresh! Always Fire! Always Teaching!

Hands down my FAVORITE podcast! I’m a personal development junkie and I need my stuff pure, straight, and with no cut! 😆 If you’re about that success life and you don’t connect with this podcast… you’re not really about that life. I literally can listen to any of their episodes multiple times and still walk away on a high! “Knowledge is the new money, get you some!” - ET Side note: I never write a review for anything!

The Black Out

Wow! By far the best episode I’ve listened to from secret to success. You must listen to the entire episode to hear why I am writing this. God Bless this podcast and the people behind it. Thank you thank you thank you.

This podcast is amazing!

I just started listening to this podcast in the beginning of 2021 and it has changed my life and my mindset from the first time I started. I RECOMMEND everyone to listen to this DAILY whether you’re Christian or not.

That Blackout Episode!!!

The Blackout episode was hands down THE BEST episode of this podcasts history. Dr. Thomas is always on point but that message was on another level. It was truly transformative. Well done good brothers! Well done!

Thank you 🙏🏽

I went back and took time to listen to the entire podcast. The funniest moment has to be when Jalen caught ET watching the US open, but I need to start watching the YouTube version of the podcast because one of these days Jemal is going to knock CJ over the back of his head😂😂. On a serious note, I’m so grateful for you guys. I took advantage of the Fourth of July sale for Jemal King’s 9 to 5 Millionaire book. One day when I meet you guys, I hope I make you proud for actually implementing the tangible actionable steps you provide throughout the podcast and not just listening for entertainment. I’m 24 years old with a 4 year old, and I’ve been driving all day and night for Uber, Doordash, and Instacart so I can save for the make real estate real course while still providing for my son. I really could write an entire book about how appreciative I am for you guys, but at the same time, I know you guys would rather meet me after I execute on my plan to be successful. I know I will meet the four of you one day at a conference, but until then know that there’s somebody out really executing on the principles you guys discuss on this podcast. Again thank you so much 🙏🏽 -Henry Montgomery III


Erick and the crew are something I need in my life as a Christian that wants to break my family’s financial curse. They keep Christian and real. Ending with prayer is crucial and the messages are always something I need to here. I appreciate y’all. Thank you. Shalom

Amazingly Grateful

Honestly I can’t begin to show my gratitude for you fellas because I’m only on episode 37 of this podcast alone. I just recently started listening to “Secrete To Success” and honestly helped me reorganize/re-access/broaden my view point of life. Any question I can think of is literally answered either in the current podcast that would be on or the following episode, but thank you fellas for literally helping me grow mentally. I haven’t even watched videos yet soo I only know what E.T looks like on the cover. You guys are my “Mental Gods” i don’t really know how else to put it. Sooo thank you Eric, CJ, Karl, and Jemal seriously super blessed to have found the road that led me into this road that you have blesssd the world with. 🙏🏽❤️💯 My name is Gabriel Regalado from Pa and you will one day hear of my name but right now is my grind time. I hope all Families are blessed daily and are as healthy as possible God Bless fellas.

Thank you ETA

Episode 290 just evolved as a man. Nothing is the same after that listen. (Might get 290 tatted) but seriously Greatest hour I’ve had in a long time

The Blackout

I’ve been listening to the podcast from probably episode 190 something…. Have tried to catch up on some old and keep up with some new. BUT “THE BLACKOUT” is hands down… THE BEST podcast of ALL. If not this podcast or all other podcasts. Wow!!! It was extremely life changing. Whether information or inspiration.. it changed my perspective on what I do and how I do it in this world. Thank you!!!

Best Podcast Out Hands Down!!!

This podcast is a big part of my life. Shoutout to the godfather’s of inspiration. ET is truly touched by God


This podcast is a true Gem! Countless lessons learned from the men and women from the ETA Team! Thank you!!!

The WHOLE podcast is fire

Each week the episodes hit new levels of 🔥. If you’re new here, check out King Drive and Blackout first. Those 2 episodes will change your life.

Such an inspiration

Love the podcast the content is amazing each and every week. It gives me hope knowing that you can love God and be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. It’s the foundation for me 💪🏾


E!!!!!! Yo went in!!!! Just when I thought this pod was a gift, today was 🔥 Once Again another great episode. Its refreshing to hear they’re excitement and motivation discussing success! It’s very contagious and makes you want to be great! I love the practical discussion along with golden nuggets that’s dropped continuously, and the guys make you feel like fam. Shout out to the ET Team, you really are changing lives especially mine. I started with TGIM graduated to researching full speeches and most recently attended Ignite the Dream; Amazing keep doing great work. I can legit say that All three of the guys has help assist in changing my life as far as mindset, action, execution and Advancement. I am grateful to God that all Three the Team has stayed dialed into their most genuine Selves!

The best podcast

Definitely the best podcast. I look forward to Thursday’s now. 💪🏾


Started listening to the podcast in 2019 after I realized I need a positive inspiration and fuel each week. This is now an ABSOLUTE MUST. For met to listen in every Thursday. Truly appreciate the consistency you all have shown Karl, CJ, Jamal and ET as well as the team that backs you.

Great job

This podcast is great because they don’t just tell you stuff but they practice what they preach. Mindset has the ability to change your life.

Love these guys.

Being a minority, these positive black men who are married, love their wives, and have thriving businesses is a huge motivation for me. I try to be a better person each day. These guys are a living example of what I want to become in this world, for this world. Their round-table style banter with each other is great. Being silly loading up a story but each story has a lesson involved and then they enforce the lesson with motivation. I learn something each time I listen to the podcast.

S2S Podcast

Podcast has drove me out of some dark places , I’m a huge fan and can’t thank y’all enough

Fire Under My Rump 🔥

This podcast has helped me hit goals and set a new standard for myself daily! I love listening to wisdom of these gentlemen and am excited to keep progressing forward.

Best podcast ever

The only podcast I listen to daily I wish it came on everyday…love the energy love the vibes!!!!!

Has and continues to hold us down.

Man I have been listening to you guys for years now. Let me say im a 24 year old male working im a aluminum mill. I have worked anywhere from 8 hours to 16 hour shifts. Listening to you guys has kept me solid in my work mindset for the last 3 years. I apologize for such a late review but for the longest I’ve been stuck on what i should say. I wont make this long so let me say this. Thank you for your commitment to us & the podcast !

S2S is King

Hands down the best podcast on the market! The amount of content that comes from this platform is astronomical! Thank You. I do have a podcast coming up soon and I plan to structure my podcast like you all. Organic and Pure! Cuz that’s all we have in this world. Namastè


Hey I luv the show. The energy is amazing. I looking to get more involved in creating my own podcast here in Memphis. I would be honor if you may have some tips for me. Thanks in advance Keep up the great work…

I love it!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!

Try- onaire


From The Beginning

Folks I just wanna say thank you for being that constant positivity. Right now I went back and started listening from episode 1 season 1 and am currently on episode 13. I love every minute of this PodCast so please NEVER Stop.

Not so secret successful review

Straight up I love this podcast this podcast is amazing I didn’t listen to it for the last nine months and I’ve been listening to 2 to 3 a day just to catch up to everything that I’ve missed these guys make me laugh and one time I almost cried. More than anything I am constantly edified and inspired. Organify what’s good though!? 😎😇

Episode 284

Definitely have been there where the old me meets the new me. I literally caught my self right after I blew up and had a short pep talk with myself, in my head and told myself to not give the other person that power over me. I quickly gathered myself and went back to my new self 🙃 it was mind blowing and amazing to see my growth! Besides that, this is a fire episode! Like always!!!!

Worth your time

These gentlemen have been there ...done that ..they talk about the highs and lows on the journey to realize your goals and dreams .awesome!!


I have nothing but positive things to say about this podcast. I tell all the people in my circle to find the answers they’re looking for, to just turn to any of the podcast episodes and they’ll find it.

Top Grade Podcast

Thanks to E, CJ, Karl, and Jemal for being themselves and putting out quality content, consistently, weekly! Everything needed for personal growth is here from scripture to humor. I’ve been listening for some years now and appreciate the work y’all put in. Thanks fellas.


My husband and I enjoy listening to you all. It is a motivation like no other to be able to hear, see, and physically move with the information and guidance you all give. I feel like you guys are like my cousins sharing wisdom to better the family. Keep it up

Growing up listening to this is life changing

By the off chance anybody reads this, I’m in a really deep dark cave and listening to this podcast make me feel like I got 4 amazing father figures guiding me through it and helping me enjoy myself. Every time I turn it on I forget all the doubts I have about the trade school I’m making.

Show your work ep277

Thank y’all for continuously blessing our lives every week with this great podcast but ep277 really open my eyes.


Great vibrations really enjoy this team . Make you feel well welcomed and experience great advice and tips in life business and entrepreneurship

Killer Podcast

You guys are doing a great thing helping out the unguided

Great podcast

Best on the net


Absolutely love ET and the team


Great podcast.. lots and lots of wisdom and real ness .. really elevating my life as the guys speak.. very powerfulll ‼️‼️‼️#120

Best podcast

Fantastic. Been listening to ET since the beginning of his YouTube beginnings. He has truly changed my life by being a catalyst for growth. Now I get to grow not only from him, but from his inner circle. The information and content is unbelievable and entertaining. Love the ETA fam.


Just wanna take this time to express my appreciation for you gentleman. The morals, the love, the lessons, the wisdom, the knowledge. I’ve been heavy on the podcast for almost 2 weeks when I heard GOD say there were some things he and I must work out so I also joined APOC. They change I feel in my heart ... wooo! Thank you Jesus for these four brothers!

Great Podcast

Heard the Guru story in 2013, been rocking ever since. Life changing content! Thank you God for ETA!!!

Jam Packed

So much jammed into each episode. I love it!


I listen to this podcast at least 3 times a week. Love the chemistry and realness of the guys. Different episodes someone unexpectedly takes the key speaker roll and drop jewels. All the guys are knowledgeable in life and have enough confidence to lead others to greatness. A so needed podcast for all who want to be great!

Changed My Rating

I have listened since day one. These guys have lost their way. I love them. All I hear is negativity. “We are sweet. Because you are listening to me, you are not!” There are too many podcasts that are giving real data that is “Earn Your Leisure” for example. If I want to hear how rich someone else is and how much a loser I am...I will just listen to a Jay Z song. Plus...all the talk does not match the weak execution at Breathe U.

Man of Fire

Listening to Man of Fire and close to end Pastor E! Hit us with don’t change who you are. Remain who you are despite situation, circumstances, people, etc... if you are a giver don’t stop being a giver! Give what you have whether it’s a little or a lot! Blessed me!!

Changed my whole outlook on life.

I’ve started this podcast from the episode one on March 22nd, 2021. It’s not March 28th (my birthday) & I’m on episode 13. I have a long ways to go, from those very short amount of episode, it’s been life changing for the absolute best. I got let go from a great job opportunity for reasons I don’t know. But listening to these guys helped me fine my passion for my own dreams again! It’s so much more I want to type about how brilliant this podcast is . I just want to thank you guys man. Much love.

Man on fire

They came with straight fire 🔥🔥🔥 delivering that “favor” message was HEAVY ‼️

Bait, hook, caught up in positivity!!!

I just want to say thank you guys for speaking to me in a language I understand! I have been listening from the first podcast y’all started, I am 2.5 months from discovering y’all and I said that I had to start from the beginning not where you are now. My thoughts have changed, my vision is clearing up, I was a bit hazy since this COVID-19 pandemic started. My sales had been down mow I listen to y’all to get that extra push to keep dialing and talking and pushing myself once again. I can’t wait to take the next step once again! Thank you for the motivational inspiration and positive messages! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👊🏽👊🏽

The world needs more of this...💪🏾

Thank you for sharing your stories and the life lessons in them. I believe when we share what we learn we elevate humanity. Each one teach one! -Napo

Pure Premium Motivation & Mentorship

I spend all of my spare time with S2S Podcast. Not only do I look forward to the weekly motivation, I also listen to all the previous podcasts that were made before I caught on. I just want to thank you guys for helping me to realize that I’m in my own way and that no matter what I can and I will WIN!

Winners Win!!

It’s so many negative and energy draining things going on around us all the time. I spend my life focused on the positive things that add value to my life and fill my cup until it runs overs. That’s why I love this podcast. So if you want some positive energy, good vibrations and information with the potential to change your life. Check out the Secrets 2 Success. Much love Karl, CJ and E.T. and Jemal Marvin from Chicago

Complete success

Secret 2 success podcast is by far my favorite thing to listen to. Above any other podcast. Above music. Above anyone who calls my phone. Such an inspiration to 2 4 black men come together and build something so great without an ego, agenda, or any other drama being in the way. Men with values. Men with beautiful families. Men who have succeeded in life, not just made a lot of money. Success includes family, health, wealth, knowledge, and such much more. With that being said, these may be the most successful brothers I have ever seen and this is an inspiration for me.

This podcast is seriously life changing

Literally the greatest podcast i’ve ever heard in my life. Learn so many things every episode from these guys. Thank You


Correction is hard for many people , because they refuse to open their eyes and look in the mirror and reflect on who Am I and don’t even question themselves by relying on the confirmation club to reaffirm the unwholesome decision. The Podcast was a go!


You just look forward to this podcast dropping every week. So much simplicity in this podcast. I love you guys. I feel like y’all my uncles man.

MJ Thomas

I’m always blessed by each podcast!! I’m very thankful for each participant (host) and for what each person brings to the table!! Praise God for you and your families!!


Highly recommend the listen! There is so much to learn from every episode!

Life Changing

Thanks to people like E, we can all grow from ANYTHING that happens. Stay blessed and keep making great content.


Every time I listen to a new episode I find myself even more amazed then the last one! What these guys are doing for the culture is like no other! Keep this going please we the people need it! Blessings

Never fails!

This podcast is EVERYTHANG!! I am talking FULL CYCLE life support! I am so happy the Creator saw fit for this union to come thru in my life! See ya next week! 😂😂☮️❤️

Thank you!!

Thank you for the best podcast out there. And for the help in my life. Because of ET, CJ, Karl, Jamal I see life way different.


Love the motivational power y’all bring every week blessed to hear the good energy y’all give out

Ladies...don’t sleep on this energy!

I’m a huge fan of the podcast and all of the member’s contributions. I’ve had people ask me “is it too masculine?” ABSOLUTELY NOT! If you have this mindset and energy, it resonates on all levels of your humanity- not your gender identity. Ive shared the youtube links with friends and they have actually signed up for ETA courses as a result. I promise this is beneficial to your life and goals!

Should be #1 rated podcast

Hands down should be the number one rated podcast. The information and value these guys bless us with on a weekly basis is insane. It’s no way you can listen to this podcast weekly and something in your life doesn’t change for the good. It’s impossible not to! I’m grateful for this podcast and even more grateful that it’s free!! As we are living in a time in the world where no one wants to give free information anymore. Thank you secret 2 success family!!!

Secret to success

This podcast is the motivation I need to get my life in order. This podcast is helpful! I love the guys the information they give out, I love that all the guys are genuine and raw and real!

S2SPodcast is so fruitful

Man these guys have literally taken me down a rabbit hole from TGIM, to this podcast weekly, to a text community, A Place of Change Ministry, to conferences. Rather it’s starting the day off, driving in the car or working out I’m listening to these guys give life ( GIVE NO CHARGE ). The impact that these guys have made in my life 🙏🏾 (grateful) They do a great job at teaching personal development, financial development and keeping it witty all at once. There’s great chemistry in this group of guys. This is a must have podcast to have in your rotation. For real feel like I know these guys lol.

Real and actionable

Love listening to the quad speak from personal experience on how they’ve conquered odds to become successful and how it’s an ongoing process. Fun and engaging!!!

Grateful 🙏

Eric , CJ , Karl & Jamal has changed my life for the better. I Thank God for leading me to there podcast . I don’t just listen to them but I also take something each podcast and apply them to my life I have seen my life do a 360. My relationship with God has become stronger. I’ve lost 35 pounds & counting I’ve become more Discipline with my money saving so I can invest in my first property. They really help you to revalue your life not only that they are very firm & just makes you believe you can really do all things which you can but seeing them not only preaching but they went through everything they are speaking makes you believe if they can do it why not me & my family . It isn’t easy but I’m grateful that when it gets tougher I can turn them on & I know they are going to make me laugh but also get me right back on track . Thank you so much y’all are best friends I never met but huge motivation

Favorite podcast HANDS DOWN

S2S podcast is by far my favorite podcast and I listen to quite a few. With the S2S podcast I can’t even go a week without listening. These guys are funny and full of personality but at the same time can take ANYBODY to the next level with all the gems they drop on this podcast. Sometimes I feel guilty that it’s all free lol. Great job guys. See y’all at the 120 in person boy 🤣

Changed My Life

I’ve been listening to ET for a long time and scrambled across S2S podcast about 4 years ago. At that time I was transitioning from leaving a marriage and trying to find self development. Well I found that and more. The motivation, stories told, and gems dropped elevated me into becoming a 6 figure man and exceeding anything beyond what I believed I could do. The pandemic hit me hard and I fell hard but now after losing my job last year I kept grinding, stayed faithful and started my own demolition construction business. Also taught myself real estate and did my first wholesale deal.

Need it in my life

Take mental or hand written notes because these guys will help you change your mindset. Get better, do better and be better.

Hands Down!!!!!

Hands Down the best podcast EVER!!!! We may never meet but this podcast brings me closer and closer. ET, CJ, Karl & Jemal wax deep every week it’s done A LOT for my growth! I appreciate all of you! PS “It’s Yellow Cake” 😂


These guys never disappoint.

Straight 🔥

Podcast has been a blessing to me when you see people that look like you inspiring the world!

Love Them!

It’s refreshing to hear successful men come together and be transparent about their life experiences. It’s beautiful how they engage both men and women! I’m inspired every time I listen!

Keep GRINDING on em

I just want to personally thank you guys for sharing y’all opportunities for the world to create their own opportunity. 💪🏾

Thank you!!

I just got the book in the mail and I am so pumped to read it! You guys are an inspiration and motivate me beyond belief!! Much appreciated.

Authentic. Real. Inspiring.

Secret to Success shares content that will change your life when you take action. These guys hold me accountable, guide and motivate me during the grind, and they love Jesus! Amen.

This is what you NEED to kick your butt in shape!

This podcast gives me everything I need to emotionally/spiritually/physically be empowered! It does not matter what time I listen to the podcast it hypes me up! It pushes me to do better, be better and prepare my future for the better. I love that there is so much content to gain knowledge from whether it’s sport analogy's, their current updates on their lives or the grind and push they give. My favorite time to listen to the podcast is when I’m running or on the treadmill because it keeps me focused. Reminds me to focus in my 🌟🌟self-discipline! 🌟🌟 (That’s the magic) THANK YOU FOR THIS PODCAST! Thank you fo sharing your knowledge!

Best podcast


S/o to ETA

This is hands down the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. Everyone has something important to say and the information is timeless! Much love to the guys! @ak.thedon

Encouragement hits differently when it comes from faith-led, humble and genuine beings

My husband introduced me to ET (well social media did initially and a voiceover on a song, when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath (e)) I saw E’s videos and I thought nah, that’s not my style. It wasn’t until I started the podcast that I could hear what type of men these guys are and how selective the team is when it comes to surrounding themselves with like minded individuals. I’ve since become MRER fam, attended conferences and listen in to APOC ministries from time to time. I love the real brought to us through the team, Karl stepping out of his comfort zone, C being a SERIOUS jokester, Jamal coming on and giving the blueprint to this real estate game! Being able to drop true gems while keeping us entertained is unmatched! I am usually listening in on the way to and from work and I may catch the YT later but this here is enough so thank you all for the work you put in to deliver QUALITY product!

Blessed and Highly Favored

The secret to success is to follow this podcast and apply the information to your life!


This podcast is AMAZING!!! After getting over myself and getting outta my feelings, I’m taking learning how to leverage myself and bringing value to my tables as Grounds Crew and Flight Attendant seriously. My nephew is in high school and I reference this podcast and the Monday Morning Motivation to him constantly. Thanks for all you do and keep it coming!

Weekly game for FREE!!!

I love this podcast I’ve been listening to it for years now. I started from the beginning as well as listening to the new podcasts weekly.. Iron sharpens iron. Thank you guys for everything. I’ll be sure to bless you all when I’m able. Much love!

No average Joe/Jane!

This podcast are for the ones wanting to achieve more in life, this is not for the ones seeking an average life. Working to get rid of tendencies!! Student for life and starting small with my MRER!

Thank you!!

I have been listening to the S2S Podcast for about a year now, and I genuinely look forward to the new episode each week. As an entrepreneur, business owner, wife, and mother I have learned a lot from the information/experiences you share. I am grateful to have resources like this because when you are trying to level up, and achieve things that have not been modeled or demonstrated for you, it is essential to surround yourself with like-minded people. S2S is by far one of the best podcasts I listen to. Thank you for everything you do; the world is a better place because of eschew one of you!

The secrete to success

This podcast is super dope! I look forward to Thursday’s for inspiration. This podcast have been a blessing in all areas in my life. Spiritual, marriage,family, business and laughter is good for the soul! Thanks guys, Don’t Stop!


As always fellas, great content! Application is key, we have to put into motion what is being given to us by these great men! Appreciate you all for your contributions and efforts to help!


Love this podcast! They all really drop many jewels.

New 1 Podcast in my 👀

Love love love you guys .. it seems like the universe hears me and when I listen to the podcast you guys answer 🤔 it’s scary but so awesome 👏🏽💯💜 🔥

Weekly Food for thought

These guys consistently feed us weekly with gems worth paying for. My week isn’t complete until I’ve listened to the pod. ETA is greatness personified.

Thank You

Thank you to this group of brothers for the inspiration you provide for me. I’m at a transitional point in my life right now and you brothers help me face my fears and move past doubts. I always hear what I need to hear, right when I need to hear it to keep GRINDING! Thank You and keep the content coming.

Thank You Guys!!

This Podcast has been life changing for me!! I thank you guys for collectively coming together and sharing with us all of the deep and powerful information. Much Love and Blessings!!


This podcast is great. Wish it was more than one day a week. Y’all like my family I never had, some days I feel like I’m flying alone in life until I listen to you guys. Much love keep it rocking!!!!


Good morning, I have been tuning in to you guys podcast for over a year now. It’s been very uplifting hearing how raw and consistent you guys are. Jemel King is also a true inspiration for me due to the fact that I’m also a Police Officer in NC. I appreciate the weekly podcast you guys put on. God bless!

s2s fam

This is the best podcast ever. So much free information, to help you improve your whole life!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The best year after year

Really appreciate the discussions and how Jemal is a huge contributor now. Keep up the positive momentum!


Bruh Idk what kind of mics yall use, but Karl’s is so good that I can hear all the spit in his mouth. Love the podcast fellas!

Telling you things you need to hear

This podcast keeps things understandable and honest. The team tells me things I need to hear in an entertaining package. Most people will be able to identify with one or more of the team to help them better understand themselves and their path to success.


You guys truly bless me and my family every time we listen.


Motivation to grind to as I build my own business from the ground up.

Motivation at its highest level!!

Mannn I appreciate every word from these group of leaders! Carl, CJ, Jamal, & ET thank you for this free content!!! I’ve been a weekly listener for a while & hearing the behind the scenes growth and trials y’all endured individually/as a group is amazing! Carl done turned into a monster!! I love it! Thank y’all!

It’s ok Episode

I think ET said on Episode it’s ok, that the buccaneers had won two Super Bowls one with Doug Williams bro I’m scared of his football knowledge. Lol all joking aside I think you guys are important for the culture. Thanks for your honesty.

Where the money reside 🤑

Podcast truly change my life! Definitely helps me keep myself more accountable for where I failed me and the people around me! A lot of the topics hit on deferent levels and I find myself applying in many areas of my life. Thanks for dropping life changing knowledge for a man such as myself! I appreciate you fellas for real!! ✊🏾❤️


I’m from San Diego CA I would like to give ET a gift Contact me (858)260-1843 All windows washing on me. For all respect for the Poadcast.

STS Organifi Entry

This podcast has been opening my eyes to so much in life over this short span I have been listening to it. The knowledge, growth, and gems this podcast organically produces is very inspirational and worth while. This podcast is a blessing to not only myself, but many more. God bless guys!


I love the secret to success podcast because they keep it real, share their journey and have a lot of transparency about their lives. It helps me stay motivated.