April 27, 2022

360 Man Con: The Truth

In this episode with Nicky & Moose from Nicky and Moose The Podcast, ET explains doing his part in shifting mindsets from surviving back to thriving with the upcoming Man Con Conference on May 21st. 


6:02 - As a leader, be humble and willing to follow your heart in the best interest of helping the people that follow you. Effective leaders make changes with a sense of urgency, speed and great faith. 


8:02 - Transition from surviving back to thriving in all areas of your life. At this conference you will receive tools to do so. 


22:45 - “If you’re preparing for something the day of, it’s too late.” - Deion Sanders


46:31 - Information an information applied must be present in order for actions to change. 


58:30 - “Make a decision. Once you do that, then it’s time to commit.” -ET



What To expect From Conference


  1. Speaking life into situations. Not manipulating people. 


  1. Providing tools in order to succeed in confidence money relationships business


  1. Women gaining understanding on the importance of learning and how to effectively support men they interact with. 


Check Out https://www.iama360man.com/360-man-conference for more information and tickets! 


Be sure to also listen in on the Men call every Monday Morning, 6:30 am EST, for inspiration & hope!  256-530-0570