July 21, 2022

342 - Grumpy Old Men

342 - Grumpy Old Men

In this episode, the guys alongside Jemal “9 to 5 Millionaire” King discuss changing the narrative when it comes to challenging kids, not giving up on yourself, and remaining humble. 

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Intro - ET opens up about challenging & holding kids accountable to be better. 

31:28 - “When you stand with the right person you succeed. When you stand with the wrong person you fail.” Evaluate the success of your life to determine how and who you’re currently standing with. Do you need to make changes?

51:04 - “Stay true to yourself to get the most out of the environment that you’re in.” Being prideful can cause you to miss valuable opportunities at hand. 

57:01 - Expectations for the 120 Live Conference in Chicago are shared. CJ describes the bigger picture of exposure and building a great network from individuals that will attend the conference. 

Turnaround Takeaways

  • Work hard and position yourself to exchange influence an income with people who can help you elevate and grow in new spaces. That pertains to new relationships and business opportunities. 

  • Have you given up on you?

  • Who are you hanging with that’s influencing your decisions? 

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