July 14, 2022

341 - The Hopers

EPS 341


“If a dream has been placed in your heart, You Owe You to see that dream to fruition!”


In this episode, the guys discuss the right mindset that’s needed to obtain & sustain success. They share principles about learning the process, being comfortable in dark moments of your life, and turning your hope into reality. 


“You are one process away from being the best creator you can be.”


10:45 - You may experience darkness because of your vision not matching where you’re currently. Those moments are temporary but provide great insight along the journey. Keep the vision alive and consistently work towards the goal!


20:17 - “Accept where you are but have hope to where you want to be.”


26:01 - Having hope originates from having a vision that’s constant on the mind. Putting yourself in environments to nourish your hope is vital in progressing forward.




  • Improve your quality of life by living in the current moment of today. Enjoy the blessings that God has given you. Take time to reflect on what those blessings are. 
  • There are blessings in the dark moments of your life. It’s hard to understand the reason for experiencing it, but in due time it’ll  be revealed. God slows us down for our protection or growth that is needed to sustain the success at the end of your hope. 


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