June 30, 2022

339 - Big Brother Tip-Toe

In this episode, the guys discuss how going against the grain is necessary for success despite what the community, culture or the closest people to you have contradicting opinions or perspectives about it. 


28:10 - Are you willing to go against people you respect opinions to be more of what God called you to be? 


30:38 - “Celebration doesn’t happen until the vision is fulfilled. You don’t become until you go against the grain.” 


33:28 - Has your thinking shifted to peoples perspective of your journey?


38:26 - If people shut down your thoughts, that’s an indicator to stop sharing news or look for different circles to be around. Who you hang with on a daily basis will become a direct result of failure or success. 


50:28 - “Stick with your vision.” Stay with people who support and speak life into your dreams. Sometimes that comes from people you least expect it that will help you sustain the right mindset to success. 


1:00:33 - Plunge into your success! Saying you’ll fail before executing an opportunity gives reasons to live with excuses. Don’t be afraid to look crazy going after the life you want to obtain! Every great will convey they went through the same process. You can’t lose something if you don’t risk nothing.”



  • Who in your life is limiting you? Family, friends, mentors or coaches?
  • You can dream and visualize more than what your mentors have previously done. Don’t become discouraged if they make comments regarding the success you can achieve. That is the moment you must lock in on your vision even more to avoid regressing along the journey.


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