June 16, 2022

337 - Don’t Spend Your Freedom

The decisions you make today shapes your current situation, future, & other peoples destiny that are directly connected to you. Making good decisions comes at a cost of sacrificing your wants in order to fulfill the needs of the goal. While making bad decisions births consequences that can prolong the process. Listen closely as the guys discuss the mindset, clarity, and focus level needed to obtain & sustain success. 


17:15 - “People don’t really want success. They just want the appearance of being successful.” What does success mean to you? Once that is identified, study an execute the routine needed for achieve it.


25:53 - “You are not solely successful just being around someone. You’re successful because of the information you apply.” We must be willing to apply the information received from others living the way we desire to. Don’t deviate from the blueprint that was given, for there are no shortcuts. 


48:05 - “Don’t care about the time it takes to obtain something.” If you truly want something in life, focus on the steps needed to be taken in order to  get there. 


53:01 - Jemal breaks down the difference between current, future, and generational cost. What decisions can you make to impact what’s ahead of you for the better?



  1. Be continuously dedicated to studying and perfecting your craft. 
  2. Understand the full process. If you don’t know or fully understand, ask for clarity to walk effectively in action steps. 
  3. You would be further along the process if you didn’t look at how long it’s taking or worrying about others people thoughts about your journey. 


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