June 2, 2022

335 - The Dopamine Hit

The guys pick up from last week's episode on making decisions. They continue to provide more insight into keeping your desires from overriding excellence, effectiveness, and quality in your execution.


“You can do things that are not right and not feel good doing so.”


19:30 - “Don’t skip over doing the real work that will bring success to you.” Cj emphasizes there are no shortcuts on the way to sustainable success.


34:47 - Are you engaging in activities that could tear down what you’ve built up? The more work you put into your craft, family, or self-development, the more costly consequences will be when mistakes are made.


58:01 - “Find a healthy way to receive dopamine.” There are healthy alternatives to receiving those feelings that aren’t destructive to your body or mind.


Discussion Questions

    1.   What’s your primary reason for making better decisions for your life?

    2.   Pray to overcome the strength of desires. Having a sinful nature is costly. Not addressing it and doing what it takes to make better life choices directly affect others connected to you.

    3.   Do you give up the practical for what’s desired in the current moment?



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