March 3, 2022

322 - Undesirable

In this episode, the guys alongside Jemal “The 9 To 5 King Millionaire”, discuss the dangers of listening to opinions from people who offer no value to you or where you’re desiring to be for the future.


Intro - The guys talk about childhood and current celebrity admirations. Which celebrity would leave you shell shocked if you were to meet them?


26:06 - Do the people you interact with have enough value to keep in contact with them? Evaluate how you feel when you converse or are around certain people. That will dictate how you should move forward. 


33:12 - “Don’t put too much stock into peoples opinion. It can cause you to be stagnant and have constant worry about how someone views you personally.” - ET


38:13 - Do you value the opinions and values from the people around you? 


42:15 - “Everybody has an opinion but that doesn’t mean it’s law or factual. When you come up with a plan for your own life, nobody else sees that plan and vision. If you don’t now ego you are, you’ll find yourself trying to find your keel in their opinions.” - Jemal 


49:09 - Do you value conformation over correction?  - CJ

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