Feb. 24, 2022

321 - Karl vs Mal

In this episode, the guys alongside Jemal “The 9 To 5 King Millionaire”, discuss the mindset , information, & decision making tactics that teach you how to manage and make money consistently. 


The financial position you’re in may not be favorable,  but that doesn’t give reasons to splurge uncontrollably. There’s no excuse for not getting educated to make healthier decisions with managing money. 


36:11 - Jemal stresses the importance of living your life when budgeting your current expenses. Having a healthy balance is vital to living a good one. Find a system that works for situation and stick to it. 


43:40 - Your spending habits should not reflect what others will think about you. Instead it should reflect what’s important to you & what needs to be done. The biblical story of Joseph is a prime example putting away parts of your money. Diligence and mindfulness are keys to growing,saving, and managing your money. 


50:25 - “Are you spending money loosely? Or does it have value behind it?” -Jemal


56:50 - What system do you have in place to live life while having the vision to go where you want to be? 


1:14:38 - “Sacrifice the thought process you currently have about money to learn the system about gaining money.” -ET



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