Jan. 13, 2022

315 - Read The Room

In this episode, the guys discuss how to effectively read the room and make sound the needed adjustments to move forward successfully.



5:30 - Sometimes, a good loss can fire you up in ways a good win can't. 


21:05 - "You can learn anything if you're willing to take the time to learn it." -ET


30:45 -Be able to read the room and make the necessary adjustments when needed. 


34:30 - What systematic strongholds do you believe you're trapped in? When you learn how to read the room, you can write your future. Envision what you want for your life and be confident in your creation of it.


38:15 - "If I do what has been done by the people in front of me, I will most likely get the same result." -Jemal


43:25 - Readjust your approach to the environment you're in. It wasn't created for your survival, and don't expect what it can' provide.


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