Jan. 6, 2022

314 - Spilled Milk

In this episode, the guys alongside Jemal “The 9 to 5 Millionaire” discuss walking in what’s rightfully yours! After this episode you should begin brainstorming what you want and feel you deserve! People around you can sense when someone is walking with confidence an in their purpose!


7:30 - The gentlemen open up by speaking what they expect to receive in 2022 without necessarily knowing how it’s going to happen but having the belief that it will. What are your goals or wants for the upcoming year?


12:59 - “There’s a difference between what you see and what’s real.” Don’t fall for the illusion. Not showing the internet doesn’t mean it’s not happening. 


24:30 - “You walk different when you know you are and where you came from.” -Jemal


37:13 - “It’s hard to acknowledge who you are when you aren’t in alignment with working your mission.”-ET


46:01 - “There should always be something tangible at the end of your work." -ET


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