Dec. 2, 2021

309 - Du-Bye

In this episode, the guys talk about how Executing to the fullest can change based upon the exposure you've received. Be aware of the moments you're in and what can be learned while experiencing those moments.


2:08- Are mashed potatoes considered good food? Join the Great Mashed Potato Debate of 2021 as the guys discuss the importance of prioritizing family time and "acceptable" Thanksgiving meal items.


30:28- Mindset or Environment? Which one dictates your behavior? Your mentality, how you think about everything is important no matter where you are. Embrace the space you're in and get all the exposure you can but, never let your environment overrule your mindset.


35:17- Recap of experiences had while on vacation in Dubai. 


37:05- Connect with execution. Seeing how people/companies execute at differing levels can have a positive effect on your mindset. It can genuinely change how you execute personally and professionally in the future. Always demand excellence from yourself and those around you. Never settle. 


39:15- "if you're going to do something, go get the full experience from it." Value your family to the fullest. How much you value them is a driving factor for excellence in personal execution. Take ownership and leadership in that area. 



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